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Comprehensive WordPress website Maintenance Services

Optimize, Secure, and Maintain Your WordPress Site

Ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly with our expert maintenance services. From database optimization, security, core, theme and plugin updates to remote backups- we cover it all.

Don't find out the hard way that something is wrong with your WordPress website.

Have you or your staff ever received a direct call following up on a contact or support form that you never received? Your next thought is: “How long has this been going on and how many leads, sales or followers have we lost since the forms stopped functioning? What else isn’t working that we don’t know about?”

This happens more often than you might think, and is usually related to a pending plugin or theme update or upgrade requirement.

Even an e-commerce site can appear to be running perfectly- until you see a spike a cart abandonments or drop in revenues with the average number of visitors, just to find out that everything functioned perfectly until the user experienced an error when choosing their shipping method for example, just to leave your site and make their purchase elsewhere.

Why Choose Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

At Domain Masters DIGITAL, we understand the importance of WordPress themes, builders, and core working seamlessly together to create a well-oiled machine for your website. Our expertise in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML ensures that your site not only looks great but functions flawlessly. Trust us for top-notch maintenance services that keep your site running smoothly 24/7. 

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Includes:

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 1

WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates

It’s critical to keep the WordPress core updated as it’s the backbone of your website. Updating your WordPress plugins can include bug fixes, security updates and also include new features or options. WordPress theme updates can solve functionality issues as well as add new design features along with any security patches. We manually perform all critical updates to monitor any potential function conflicts.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 2

Database Cleansing and Optimization

Ensure your WordPress website is running at its best with professional database optimization services. By streamlining your database, you can enhance performance, boost user experience, and improve search engine rankings. Trust our expert team to optimize your WordPress and WooCommerce databases for faster page load times and a seamless online experience.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 3

Security Checks and Malware Scans

24/7 real-time security and malware scans to identify and fix vulnerabilities, protecting your site from potential threats from hackers- or identify plugins or themes with potential security policy concerns. Even the best maintained websites can be vulnerable because of oversites by theme or plugin developers, and although most are temporary oversights- we will disable or roll back to prior versions if a htreat is identified.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 4

Manual Site Review and Testing

After completing each critical update and/or optimization step- we manually review your site on the frontend to be certain there are no errors or conflicts and that your site is functioning properly. If there are any update conflicts- we will restore the latest backup files and find and resolve the conflict. This could be caused by plugins, themes or a compatibility issue with a new core version of WordPress.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 5

Complete Off-Site Backups

We will manually backup your website and download a set of backup files after we complete your website maintenance and database cleansing and optimization to safeguard against any potential issues with your hosting company. This is a part of our weekly maintenance at a minimum. If your site structure or business sector requires daily backups- we can schedule those too.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - WordPress Website Maintenance Services 6

Site Performance and Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your website’s uptime to identify and server/hosting concerns from your WordPress hosting service and also any individual page loading or broken link issues that generate a “404 – page not found” instance. Regular performance metric scans also identify page speed and other load performance issues that can directly affect function, SEO rankings and user experience.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Pricing

Follow these steps to keep your WordPress site in top shape:

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